Harvesting Sophomore Scholars

If you will be a high school sophomore in the fall, the prospects of going to college should be becoming more real. As a sophomore, there are several things you can do to get ready for that milestone:

  1. Start researching colleges. 

  2. During your summer or spring break, begin visiting schools to get an idea of where you want to attend. This should motivate you to work hard so that you can graduate high school and attend the school of your choice. 

  3. Begin studying for the SAT/ACT.  It wouldn't hurt for you to go ahead and take one or both.  The higher the score, the more scholarship opportunities there will be. 

  4. Participate in extra curricular activities.  Sign up to participate in clubs, volunteer in the community. Do something.  When you begin completing the college applications, you can rest assured they will ask what activities you partcipated in.  

  5. Start working on financial planning.  Try to locate a job and begin learning to budget your money. This will be an important skill when you leave home to attend college.