Harvesting Senior Scholars

It's your senior year. You've made it, Congratulations!  Very soon you will be walking across the stage to receive your high school diploma.  This is a very scary time for you, but rest assured, you will be fine.  


  •  Be sure that you have finalized your college plans.  Remember, college applications have deadlines for when they should be submitted for admission.  Stay on top of all dates. 

  • Continue to seek out financial aid and scholarship opportunities and apply for anything for which you may qualify, there is a lot of money out there, leave no stones unturned. 

  • Avoid Senioritis... It is very easy to find yourself in the senior slump of not wanting to study or go to classes. Hang in there, you're almost done. 

  • Stay involved... you need extracurricular activities to list on your college applications.  It's not too late to volunteer at the local homeless shelter or at your local church or community group.

  • Continue to stay on top of your budgeting.  Very soon, you will be away from home and away from your parents. It is very important that you know how to manage your finances. 

  • Most of all, pat yourself on the back, you've achieved a major milestone.