Harvesting Middle Schoolers


  • You really do not need to worry too terribly much about college during your middle school years. Your grades are very important, but they will not be included on your high school transcripts.

  • As a middle school student, there are several things that should be considered in order to prepare for High School. 


  • Work on good study habits.  College recruiters will not be looking at the grades you make while in middle school.  Students can, however, go ahead and be brushing up on those study habits.  When you get to high school you will need it. Go ahead and start working on your time management skills because once you are in high school, it will become difficult to juggle your classes and all the activities you will be involved in.


  • Sign up for Extra Curricular Activities:  Take this time to explore different clubs and sports to see what you really like.  Don't just be in the club, strive to be the leader of the club.  Once you start completing college applications, these are skills colleges like to see. 

  • Enjoy your middle school years.  You don't get this time back; so make the most of it.  When you enter the 9th grade, your grades really matter. Students and parents think children have time to slack, but really they do not.  The freshman grades go towards the overall academic GPA which colleges look at during their junior and senior year.  

  • Talk to your middle school guidance counselor if you have questions on how to prepare.