Helping families to navigate the college admissions process by matching student's abilities, goals, and needs to determine which options are a good fit to foster academic and social growth. 
It's not just about being accepted, but it’s also about thriving at the institution that is the right fit for you.


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  • 100% of students received federal aid for household income under $100,000

  • 98% of students accepted into post-secondary enrollment

  • 85% of students received scholarships

  • We consult/contract with youth-focused organizations, higher education and tutoring companies!


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We do not guarantee admission or acceptance to any school or institution of higher education or to any job or intern placements. We are a resource that connects you to information to help you navigate the college entrance, admission process, and career options. We do not make recommendations to any establishment, school, college or university. Harvesting Scholars partners with all accredited institutions worldwide.