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Money Matters: Tips for Finding Scholarships

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Money Matters: Tips for Finding Scholarships



Thank you for sowing into my daughter's life. We were worried about her going off to college and having high functioning autism. She is thriving and made Dean's list her first semester. 

Jan 3, 2023

"Mrs. Calhoun helped my daughter find the best fit college that meets her needs. Just when we thought she would attend one college, she was introduced to others that were not on the radar. It opened the door to several scholarship opportunities that weren't possible before. This school turned out to be the one that made her blosom. 

Jan 3, 2023

This organization helps young people prepare for college! Harvesting Scholars is amazing! They educate high school students and parents on every aspect of college entry...they assist with college applications, make trips to your colleges and so much more. I have known the founder for over 12 years now and she is all about our youth!

Dec 16, 2022


What is an independent educational consultant?

An independent educational consultant (IEC) is a non-biased third party with admissions experience and training who can help families focus on pre-college planning and all aspects of the college application process in an organized manner to reduce anxiety and stress and meet deadlines.

Why consult with an independent educational consultant when you have a college counselor at school?

Harvesting Scholars complements your local school counselor’s efforts by working one-on-one with you more frequently to develop a customized strategic plan of action to achieve college choices that best meet your academic, personal, social, and financial priorities.  We have flexible yearlong schedules and are available to help you.

Most high school counselors simply have too many students (national ratio: 431 to 1) to give the kind of individualized attention necessary, particularly for application to highly competitive and selective colleges.

Will you write the college application and scholarship essays for a student who is not comfortable in representing themself?

The college application and scholarship process are student-centered. While we will assist a student with brainstorming essay topics, the student will be the sole author of all essays.   We recommend that students began drafting the essays months before the application deadline, so the work can be reviewed multiple times for unintentional elements before submitting them.

"College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won." Frank Sachs

Do You Guarantee Admission and Scholarships?

No. Harvesting Scholars nor its affiliates guarantee admission or acceptance to any school or institution of higher education or to any job or intern placements. We are a resource that connects you to information to help you navigate the college entrance, admission process and career options. We do not make recommendations to any establishment, school, college, or university. Harvesting Scholars partners with all accredited institutions worldwide.

What are the credentials of the advisors at Harvesting Scholars?

Harvesting Scholars counselors hold professional memberships in the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and subscribe to the principles of good practice of both the National and Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC, SACAC). The founder/lead consultant holds dual masters degrees in education and organizational leadership and remains abreast of trends in college admissions through professional development and earning continuing education credits from national conferences, NACAC, IECA and the National College Attainment Network (NCAN).

I really want the help of an advisor at Harvesting Scholars, but I can't afford the suggested prices, what are my options?

Access to information and resources to help students is my priority and is most important to me. I want to see students get what they need which is why you'll find so many free tips and resources on this site and on my social media pages. We offer pay what you're able (PWYA) spots that also help. Complete this request form to get started right away.

I am adult that has been out of college for a long time and want to go back to school. Do you only help high school students?

Yes! We help clients of all ages and have many years of experience with helping with transferring, enrolling, application review and more. We have had several 2GEN situations where we've not only helped the high school student, but also helped the parents get enrolled together as a family.